Our Pricing

Prices start at $100 per hour of drone service plus
processing of video/photo if required.
Estimates are available for other projects, including videography with
no processing (files handed to your personal photographer).
All Fees are Negotiable.

All video/photos will be made available by either DropBox or media drive, with full rights for use.

All services are insured for up to $2,500,000 through Verifly  insurance.

As the old quote goes,
"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional wait until you hire an amateur"!

Real EState
​Master Combo


Includes both Video Package and Photo Package delivered with full rights to print, publish, broadcast, and commerical use for sales.

Real Estate Video


Video only package includes a processed and edited video file of approximatley 2-3 minutes.  We will include any additional information you request (MLS #, etc.) and edit to your needs.  You will receive full rights to use as you wish, including publishing and commercial use.

Real Estate Photo


20+ unique photos will be taken in full RAW format and then edited to accentuate your needs.  You will receive both the RAW photos and edited photos on digital media with full rights to use as you wish, including printing, publishing and commercial use.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express through Square, the most trusted portable credit/debit system
No Fuel Surcharge (on Raleigh County)

All rates subject to WV Sales Tax at 6% or 7%

(depending on service area)

All rates include basic insurance and liability coverage ($1,000,000 coverage).

Rates and charges are negotiable based on the scale of job, demographics and hours required on a case by case basis. 

Travel time charges can apply on non-county locations.

Free estimates for sUAS services within Raleigh County and surrounding areas.
Includes: GPS Controlled Quad-Blade Drone with either 4K HD or 1080p Wide-Lens Video & 12 Megapixel Photography Camera. Video is stabilized with a 3-Axis Gimbal for fluid motion.
Beckley Drones reserves the right to cancel flight operations if safety becomes compromised. A briefing before flight operation is mandatory to ensure responsibility and expectations of all involved.