Beckley Drones​​
FAA Certified
sUAS (Drone) Pilot
**​Licensed and Insured**

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Why hire us?
1) Randy Hunt is a FAA Certified sUAS (Drone) Pilot, which allows him to legally shoot drone video and photos for commercial purposes.
2) Randy Hunt is a WV Licensed REALTOR®, which gives him good insight to help sell your home.

3) Randy Hunt is commercially insured for up to $2,500,000 property damage which protects your property.

Why do you need a licensed pilot?
Any video or photo taken for commercial purposes with a drone requires that the pilot have a FAA Part 107 pilot license.  It is illegal to shoot drone footage for any commercial purposes unless the pilot in control is licensed by the FAA.

The best way to advertise your property is
with HD video/photos.  You must get the buyer's
attention to get them inside your home.

We also video your local
outdoor events such as
weddings, birthdays,
reunions. etc.
for very affordable rates.

We will work hand in hand with
your official wedding photographer
to provide them with drone video
footage to add to your wedding video.

Commercially and Industrially insured up to $2,500,000.

Be sure to change video resolution to 1080p using
YouTube controls to enjoy the full HD Quality.
Randy Hunt, Owner/Operator